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Immortality has been bottled and sold, old age will soon be a distant memory. However, eternal youth has its costs. The worst serial killer the kingdom has ever known, resurfaces after twenty years, to start killing once again. Roykur, a long retired investigator, rejoins the hunt for the one murderer he could never catch. Refusing to accept immortality, Roykur must persevere against his, now youthful, nemesis as well as his age and increasing frailty.


Joining the investigation, Roykur's granddaughter, Adalia, attempts to live up to her grandfather's legacy. She is forced to grow up quickly as she chases the killer through a trail of gore and death.


Ancient evil creatures and dark rituals from Roykur’s past begin to interfere with the investigation and damage his credibility with the public and Adalia. Conspiracy runs rampant, threatening the lives of Roykur’s family and his reputation.


Can Roykur overcome the monsters of his past and save his city and kingdom?

Trigger warning: Contains graphic violence, adult language, and gore.